Below is the list of specialized hardwood floor restoration services we offer...

Hardwood Floor Sanding
and Refinishing

Naperville and the surrounding areas are pretty fortunate to have a lot of houses that had hardwood floors originally installed many decades ago. If you have one of these older floors that needs some sprucing up then our hardwood floor sanding services will be perfect for you.

Our specialty is restoring these tired, run down and worn out floors back to the gorgeous floors they once were and in pretty much every case, to even better condition than they were originally.

Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is what we do best . Whether your floors have just been installed last week or if they’re 100 years old, we’ll be able to transform them into exactly what you envision.

We will be more than happy to take a look at your floors for you and see what we can do for them to make them look amazing again.

Naperville Refinishing

The starting stage of the sanding process

As you can imagine, there’s a lot involved in properly restoring worn and damaged hardwood floors. We have written some additional information on this subject you may be interested in reading:

Free Info Sheet: Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process - The 19 Steps . This report shows you the step by step hardwood floor sanding process we use to bring floors back to life. This is a must read for those that like to know all the intimate details.

You may also be wondering about all the different types of finishes that are available and what finish systems we use and recommend to our clients...

Free Info Sheet: How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish . This very detailed report will answer these very important finish questions for you and allow you to choose the perfect finish for your home.

You can get both reports at the Downloadable Info Sheets page.

Hardwood Floor Repairs

Depending on how well your floors have been taken care of – or if there has been renovations done by previous owners – your hardwood floors may have water damaged areas, gaps from relocated walls, pet and pot plant stains, holes, giant gaps, damaged and splintered boards, previous repairs done by an amateur or any other type of damage.

If you have areas that need repairing, we have the experience and skill to do them for you. In pretty much all cases, we can source the same type of flooring and dimensions needed to restore the damaged areas.

We take great pride in our repair service.


Before and after results of our repair work

We have invested in specialized tools that can remove damaged boards from the middle of a room without having to remove or damage the surrounding flooring. Once the repaired areas are completed, they will be almost impossible to see with an untrained eye and will blend in like they were always part of the original floor.

If you have an older Naperville home, many times installing brand new wood in these areas will not obtain a perfect match. So we do our best to gather flooring from different eras so when we need to replace sections of flooring in these older homes, it will match your original wood as close as humanly possible.

You may want to read the answers to the questions below that can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Hardwood Floor Staining

If you would like to add richness, character and depth to your floor, you may want to consider having them stained. Staining is the process of adding color to a floor. It’s a separate step in the finishing process that is done right after the final sanding and before the finish is applied.

Staining can completely change the look of a floor and bring an exciting new look and style to your home.

Here in Naperville, most homes have red or white oak installed. Depending on your taste and the type of look you’re going for, you may not particularly like the way these oak floors look when left in their natural state. Many homeowners want to have darker, richer looking floors to either make their homes look more modern or to gain a more stately look. Staining your floors can achieve this.

Regular yellowish oak floors can be made to look more exotic without having to go through the procedure of removing them and installing a naturally darker species of exotic flooring... saving you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Staining hardwood floors

Some of our clients beautifully stained floors

Please be aware that staining is THE most challenging part of the refinishing process.

Things can go wrong very quickly if the people you hire you don’t know what they’re doing or if they don’t have the skill and patience to do it right. A professionally stained floor involves a lot of time and attention to detail. It involves specialized sanding and preparation techniques. For these reasons many people shy away from offering this service.

We’re extremely proud of the high-end results we are able to consistently achieve with our stained floors. In fact more than 95 percent of our clients in Naperville decide to stain their floors and everyone of them loves how they've turned out. If you decide to go this route, we’re positive you’ll love the new look your floors will have as well.

Staining can be requested for an additional cost for pretty much any floor. Feel free to ask us about it when we come out to have a look at your floors in person. You can see many photos of our staining work on the Photos and Feedback page.

We also have some more detailed information on this subject you may be interested in reading:

Free Info Sheet: Staining Hardwood Floors - What's involved? . This will take you through the procedure we use to create these stunning floors.

You can get it at the Downloadable Info Sheets page.

We have also put together some informative articles on our blog going into detail about staining hardwood floors. You can read them below:

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Hardwood Floor Installations

Even though hardwood floor refinishing is our main specialty, at times there is a need for us to install hardwood floors too. You’ll be happy to know that we’re fully equipped and skilled to do any wood floor installation our clients need. We have years and years of installation experience and have installed hundreds of floors with great results.

Most of the time, we’re asked to install new wood flooring that matches up to existing flooring that’s already in a home.

For example a client might have hardwood floors in the living areas and hallways but have old dusty carpet in the bedrooms and they now want wood floors in those rooms as well. Or, there may be hardwood floors in the living room and ceramic tile in the dining room but they’ve opened the walls up and now need a seamless wood floor to tie it all together.

Hardwood Floor Installation

In the middle of a hardwood floor installation

On top of seamlessly blending in new flooring to existing wood flooring, we can also install brand new unfinished hardwood floors in client’s homes if requested.

Starting from scratch can be very exciting because the choices for new floors are pretty much limited only by your imagination! There are so many types of wood, sizes, colors and install patterns and designs to choose from to give you the floors of your dreams. We can pretty much do anything you see in a magazine or on websites like Pinterest or Houzz.

As you can imagine, there is a lot involved in a professional hardwood floor installation . Important details like proper acclimatization, sub-floor preparation, how moisture affects wood and correct install procedures need to be taken into consideration to prevent a flooring failure.

You can read a more in-depth article on our blog about our installation procedures and what steps we go through to make sure every floor we install comes out looks and performs terrific. You can find it through the link below:

From the Blog:
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Hardwood Stair Refinishing

Nothing will standout more in your home than a beautifully restored staircase. Because they usually link together two levels of hardwood floors, they can really blend your floors together seamlessly if done right and make for a great showpiece.

Often stair treads are quite worn down by the time we get called in to restore them – they really do take a beating and the brunt of the traffic in a home.

Because of all the angles, small pieces and tight corners, refinishing stairs is a very labor intensive procedure . A tremendous amount of hand work with specialty tools is needed. Great care has to be taken when sanding around the stringers and risers so no damage is done to them. Each tread is carefully restored by many hours of tedious, cautious hand scraping and sanding.

Stair refinishing

A set of stairs being transformed

For these reasons the refinishing of a staircase can easily be the most expensive feature in your home to restore in relation to square footage.

We’ve had the privilege of refinishing large number of staircases in Naperville over the years. The skills and experience we’ve acquired during this time will ensure your own staircase will come out amazing looking as well.

Just so you’re aware, we only refinish treads and in some cases risers. The stringers, balusters and handrails are not part of a floor refinisher’s trade. This is a specialty trade all on its own. Most people prefer the look and ease of painted balusters, but if you have natural wood ones and prefer to keep them that way, we can recommend a company that specializes in this type of restoration.

Removal and Disposal of Carpet

A lot of houses throughout the greater Naperville area were covered in carpet in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. As you can probably expect from a hardwood floor refinishing company, we’re not the greatest fans of carpet, especially cheap, ugly, dust and mite filled carpet that’s covering beautiful, vintage hardwood floors.

What where people thinking when they did this?

One of the greatest pleasures we have is cutting nasty carpet into pieces and throwing it into a dumpster.

Removing Carpet

We love getting rid of dusty, smelly, dirty carpet!

The truth is though, carpet is good for something. If you happen to have some lovely shag covering a beautiful, antique hardwood floor below it, be very thankful. It’s been helping to protect your floors from a lot of damage over the years (depending on how the carpets were cleaned of course). See carpet does have its uses.

Before we can bring those beautiful floors hiding under your carpet back to life, the carpet has to be removed. You have two choices, ask us to do it for you, or if you’re in a handyman mode and would like to save some money, choose to tackle it yourself.

We have some additional information on this subject you may be interested in reading if you decide to roll your sleeves up and remove it on your own:

Free Info Sheet: How to Remove Carpet - Without Damaging your Hardwood Floors . This report gives detailed information to help you with this project if you decide to remove your carpet yourself.

You can get it at the Downloadable Info Sheets page.

We have also put together an informative article on our blog with videos showing how to remove carpet. You can read it below:

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