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FLOOR INSTALLATIONS ... brand new floors

Even though hardwood floor refinishing is our main specialty, at times there is a need for us to install hardwood floors too. You’ll be happy to know that we’re fully equipped and skilled to do any wood floor installation our clients need. We have years and years of installation experience and have installed hundreds of floors with great results.

Lacing in new wood to an existing floor
An existing floor with new hardwood flooring laced in.
Glue down Herringbone wood floor installation in Naperville
A brand new glue down hardwood floor install.

There’s two common types of hardwood floor installations we specialize in... lacing in and brand new installs, either glued down or nailed down..

‘Lacing In’ installation...

Most of the time we’re asked to install new wood flooring that matches up to existing flooring, one that’s already in an adjacent room in the home. This type of install in called lacing in because we lace the floor into an existing room.

For example a client might have hardwood floors in the living areas and hallways but have old dusty carpet in the bedrooms and they now want wood floors in those rooms as well. Or, there may be hardwood floors in the living room and ceramic tile in the dining room but they’ve opened the walls up and now need a seamless wood floor to tie it all together.

Nailing sdown a brand new hardwood floor
Glue down a new Herringbone wood floor
New floor being installed by Tadas Wood Flooring
Glue down red oak Herringbone installation
We install floors by either the glue down or nailed method. It depends on the type of sub-floor you have and style of flooring you choose.

Brand new installation...

On top of seamlessly blending in new flooring to existing wood flooring, we can also install brand new unfinished hardwood floors in client’s homes if requested.

Starting from scratch can be very exciting because the choices for new floors are pretty much limited only by your imagination! There are so many types of wood, sizes, colors and install patterns and designs to choose from to give you the floors of your dreams. We can pretty much do anything you see in a magazine or on websites like Pinterest or Houzz.

As you can imagine, there is a lot involved in a professional hardwood floor installation. Important details like proper acclimatization, sub-floor preparation, how moisture affects wood and correct install procedures need to be taken into consideration to prevent a flooring failure. When we come over to have a look at your floors , we will run through all these details and answer any questions you have about the installation part of the project.

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