What’s New in the Hardwood Floor Industry for 2013


Last week I was in Dallas, Texas a couple of days for our yearly industry convention, the National Wood Flooring EXPO. I was expecting it to be nice and warm – isn’t Texas supposed to be hot? Instead it was windy, rainy and cold! Good thing I wasn’t there for a vacation.


Instead I was there to keep up with all the latest and greatest products and advancements in the industry so we can keep offering our customers (like you) the best of the best for your hardwood flooring needs.

This year didn’t disappoint.

Rescuing a Botched Rubio Monocoat Fumed Floor


This month we were called in to rescue a failed attempt at a Rubio Monocoat floor in a downtown Chicago apartment thirty eight floors up overlooking the lake.

Rubio Monocoat Chicago

The original company that had installed this beautiful 5” engineered white oak quarter sawn floor realized that the ‘fumed’ process was beyond their skill set so they did the right thing and passed along that part of the job to (someone who they thought were) hardwood floor finishing professionals.

Glen Ellyn Golf Course Hardwood Floor Project


We frequently get requests to see more pictures of the projects that we work on, so… we thought we should start highlighting a few of the more interesting jobs we have here on our blog.

Last month we had a fun hardwood floor installation and refinishing project in the newly renovated Glen Oak Country Club.

Glen Ellyn Illinois hardwood floors

This upscale private club in Glen Ellyn, Illinois was established in 1911 and the current clubhouse dates back to 1924 so there’s lots of history here. The club boasts a beautiful 18 hole golf course, a Skeet and Trap Club, a swimming pool and the clubhouse hosts many private banquets, upscale weddings and romantic candlelit dinners.

Inside Dogs and Hardwood Floors


“How should I look after my floors when I have dogs?” or “How do I stop my dogs from scratching the hardwood floors?” are questions we regularly get asked. Dog lovers and hardwood floor lovers are constantly trying to find a balance between enjoying their lovable pets and caring for their pristine floors. Maybe you’re in the same situation.

dogs and hardwood floors

So what steps can you take to ensure your wood floors and dogs can coexist together?

Pre-Finished Vs Site-Finished Hardwood Floors


There’s a lot of confusion out on the internet about pre-finished factory finished hardwood flooring and solid unfinished hardwood flooring that’s installed, sanded, and finished on site.

Pre-finished vs Site-finished

Many claim one is vastly superior to the other and vise-versa – usually with ulterior motives. So what is the actual unbiased truth?

Do We Install Hardwood Floors?


At Tadas Wood Flooring, Inc. we’re well known for specializing in hardwood floor refinishing in Naperville and the surrounding Dupage County… but most don’t know that we also offer hardwood floor installation services too.

Naperville hardwood floor install

Usually when we are asked to install hardwood it’s to match existing hardwood floors in other rooms.

For example a client might have hardwood floors in the living room, hallways and dining room but have carpet in the bedrooms and wants wood floors in those rooms as well. Or, there may be wood floors in the living room and tile in the dining room but they’ve opened the walls up and now need a seamless wood floor to tie it all together.

Beautiful Hardwood Floor Heating Vents


One of the best bang-for-your-buck add-ons you can include in your hardwood floor install and/or refinishing project is upgrading your heating vents. Most people don’t give them much thought, but they can really add to the finished look of your floor if done right.

Flush Mount Vents

If your home is like most people’s you probably have the standard metal vents that do the job adequately enough but don’t really blend in too well with your wood flooring.