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Naperville “Dancing” Hardwood Floor Repair Project


This was an interesting project we just completed in a Glenview, Illinois home. If you watch the video below you’ll be able to see why we called it the “dancing” floor…

Bad Subfloor

The hardwood floor in this 60+ years old house had obviously seen better days… and not just the condition of the finish. Everywhere we walked it bounced up and down all over the place. You could get sea sick just walking from one side to the other!

The problem lied in the very badly constructed sub-floor. As we ripped it up we got quite the surprise… the sub-floor consisted of 2×4’s laid out about a foot apart over a concrete slab. There was a little bit of ‘glue’ to attach them to the concrete which had given away many years ago. Then the red oak flooring was installed straight on top of them, basically the floor was not attached to anything!

No wonder it had turned into a trampoline.

Have a look at the video here…

This was one of the most poorly executed sub-floor jobs we have ever seen.

In order to bring some stability back to this wobbly floor, we had to go right back to the concrete slab. After everything had been removed and cleaned up, we installed new 3/4” plywood to provide a solid base for the new red oak flooring.

We predrilled holes for special concrete nails and nailed it down so it was super secure. No more bouncing on this floor. Once that was complete we installed new red oak flooring over the top.

Naperville Hardwood Floor Repair

We refinished it with our dustless sanding process and applied a bona nutmeg stain to give it a beautiful rich look. Then we applied a 3 coat professional grade water base finish system (Pallmann Pal-X96 satin) on top to finish it all off.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Naperville

By the end of the week our Glenview, Illinois clients had a brand new floor they could walk across without feeling like they were crossing the Atlantic.

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You’re welcome Nora. We’re glad you enjoyed it :)

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