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Our New Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding Equipment


As you may know, here at Tadas Wood Flooring, we like to continually keep up with the latest flooring technology and make sure we’re on the cutting edge of offering hardwood floor refinishing services in Naperville and the surrounding area.

Dustless Sanding Equipment Naperville

One thing that we’re very on top of when it comes to technology is our dustless system. You can read about our 101% Dustless System we offer our clients that don’t want to deal with floor sanding dust (which can be a HUGE hassle) here .

We have been extremely happy with our current system and it’s treated us very well these last few years. But like all technology, things are always being bettered and enhanced and the dustless sanding equipment field is no different.

Funny enough, most of the newest upgrades and features with vacuums is not from within the hardwood flooring industry – it’s from the concrete guys. When you think about how fine concrete dust is it makes sense that they would be continually working on making the perfect vacuums for their industry.

Lucky for us hardwood floor guys, we get to ride on their coattails.

Introducing the Latest Addition to our Arsenal…

So we’re happy to announce that we just upgraded our vacuum system to include the latest and greatest DustPro 600!

Now I’m not going to bore you with all the details of water lift, suction, CFM (cubic feet per minute), HEPA filtration ratings etc. here because I’m sure you really don’t care. Suffice it to say that this new vacuum system is awesome!

But here’s the coolest detail – this vacuum has 600 CFM! In comparison, a normal Shop-Vac® has about 135 CFM. This thing blows what other guys are using right out of the water.

So what does that mean in everyday terms?

Basically, that our 101% Dustless Guarantee is now even easier for us to provide than ever. All your fears about the huge mess that can be made from having your hardwood floors sanded are a thing of the past. They were before too with our last dustless system, now it’s just better.

With this new vacuum we can run all our machines off of it at the same time, as you can see in the picture below.

Using Both Machines

Another thing that we’re really happy about is that this system is just as portable and quiet as our last system. These are big issues for us because we don’t want to have hoses dragged in from a trailer system outside, especially in the winter. Who wants mud covered hoses dragged all over your carpets?

Plus those huge trailer systems are NOISY.

We can bring this vacuum system inside, or in good weather have it set-up on your porch or deck, and it won’t bother your neighbors at all. Plus the hoses will stay nice and clean.

So as you can see, we’re very happy with our new addition and we know our clients are going to love what it will do for them as well.

When you have us come over to provide our Hardwood Flooring Audit, feel free to ask any other questions you have about our dustless set-up and we’ll be pleased to tell you all about it.

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Hi there im just asking about the vacume dustless, I was just wondering how many AM it has and what kind of bag does it use. If so would you be able to deliever to australia and how much would it cost. Also would it work in australia due to different voltage and plug, Does it have a warranty on it.

Hi Ninos,

You can find all the information you need about it here:

We don’t sell them, we bought one ourselves. As far as Australia I’m not sure you’d have to ask the company. I’m pretty sure Australia has a different voltage than North America though.


Hi Tadas,
I was doing some research vacuums and came across your site
This is the vacuum the I like and would like to hear from someone other then the manufacture.
Do you mind giving some basic information, no one that I know use this particular vacuum, so i cant ask them.

How well it works?
Does it break often?
D you use other vacuum besides this one wile refinish?

Im just a floor contractor preparing to buy a good equipment


Hi Lino,

We sold this system a while ago as it was too big to move in and out of houses all the time. It worked extremely well though and we never had any problems with it. Definitely recommended if the size suits you.

Check out these systems:


I could only dream of having that equipment- and for 2 or three times I’d ever need to use it, it would be a dream… bc past experience as a DIY has taught me no matter how small the project is, and how infrequently you do it… containing dust is smart.
so, for those who would benefit, here’s how I have improvised with my 10″ orbital sander:
I made a cover/apron for the sander out of a plastic oil-change pan and fit a hose attachment port thru the cover. I plug an old 20′ pool hose to a “dust-deputy” (sold by oneida, it’s a “middle man” bucket with that v-shaped dust catch lid) and then to my vacuum… which has survived for many more years because of it..

This is easier than it sounds and does the trick the occasional DIY project….
but nowhere near as well as that bad-boy set-up does, thanks for all your tips and info guys, you are very helpful.
enjoy the new equipment!

Thanks for the tip for our DIYers Elissa.


Thanks Tadas,
That was one of my concerns.
Thanks for the link, that was my second choice.

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