Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 1 OSMO Polyx Oil [2020 UPDATE]


At Tadas Wood Flooring we’re constantly looking for and testing new finish systems so we can guarantee the best coatings for our client’s floors. Over the next few months we’ll be testing several these new hardwax oil (or hardened oil) finishes that have entered market here in the States. For this post we’re going to dive right in to our first hardwax oil test subject – OSMO Polyx 2K Oil…

[See below for our OSMO Polyx Oil 2K 2020 update .]

OSMO Polyx-Oil Experiment

The OSMO Polyx Oil finish system comes from Germany where it’s been in use for many, many years. It’s only recently gained steam over on this side of the pond though. We’ve used it about 10 times during the last few months so we’ve had a pretty good test run with it.

Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 2 Rubio Monocoat [2020 UPDATE]


We are back for Part 2 of our ‘Hardwax Oil Experiment’ where we are extensively testing and reviewing the top hardened oils available for wood floors. Last month we did a review on OSMO Polyx-Oil ( click here if you missed it). This month we are going to do an in-depth Rubio Monocoat review.

[See below for our Rubio Monocoat review 2020 update .]

Rubio Monocoat Experiment

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is imported from Belgium. Here’s a rundown of the features and benefits from the Rubio Monocoat marketing material:

The Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 3 Bona Indoor Oil


Well here we are for Part 3 of our “Hardwax Oil Experiment”. If you haven’t seen the last two installments you can read them here – Rubio Monocoat review and OSMO review . This month we tested Bona Indoor Oil…

Bona Indoor Wood Oil Experiment

Unfortunately this review won’t be as detailed as the last two, basically… because Bona Indoor Oil didn’t pass our in-depth testing phase.

When products don’t do well in our shop, we never test them on client’s floors and use them as guinea pigs. We feel that’s a very unprofessional thing to do and we wouldn’t want someone doing that to us.

The Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 4 Pallmann Magic Oil


So here we are 4 months into our Hardwax Oil Experiment. This is our final test subject – Pallmann Magic Oil. For the last 3 months we have extensively tested and reviewed OSMO Oil , Rubio Monocoat and Bona Indoor Oil . After our not so great outcome last month with Bona’s product, we’re happy to report that this hardwax oil did way better!

Pallmann Magic Oil Experiment

Unlike Rubio Monocoat and OSMO, most people will probably not have heard very much about Pallmann Magic Oil. In fact getting any consumer information about it can be very difficult because the distributor in the States doesn’t market anywhere near as well as the other two hardwax oil distributors.

The Hardwax Oil Experiment – The Winner


Over the last 4 months we’ve been conducting a huge experiment with the best offerings amongst the hardwax oil family. This week we finally made the decision on which finish will have the great honor of making it into our elite class of finishes we recommend and use.

Winner Hardwax Oil Experiment

Actually we have a tie for the winner and each of the winners will be recommended for select situations depending on our client’s needs… we’ll get to those in a minute. But first let’s have a quick review of our experiment…

How To Remove Old Carpet


If you would like to save some money on your hardwood floor refinishing project, then removing your old carpet before we come is definitely worth the effort. It isn’t too difficult and is something almost any handy homeowner with a few basic tools can do.

Remove Carpet

There are few simple steps in the process – removing the carpet, removing the underlay, and then removing the tack-strips and staples.  Below are 3 videos showing the steps needed to complete this project.

Buff and Recoat Hardwood Floors


Recoating hardwood floors has a couple of different names that all mean the same procedure – “screen and recoat” and “buff and coat”.

Buff and Coat Wood Floors

Basically it is taking a buffer and a mesh sanding screen, or abrasive pad, and abrading the existing floor finish so a new top coat of finish will mechanically adhere to it.