Road Trip to New York State


Last month we received an email with unusual request. It started out like this: “Dear Mr. Sadunas, this is probably one of the stranger requests that you have gotten, but here goes…”

Naperville to New York Floors

The email came from Dan who lives in upstate New York. He was about to install 800 sqft of red oak. They wanted to have the floors professionally sanded and finished. His wife had been keenly researching all the different types of finishes available and after lots of careful research they finally decided they wanted to use Pallmann Magic Oil.

There was a major problem though…

Dan’s wife couldn’t find anyone in New York State that was an expert at applying this particular finish. So she started widening her search radius to surrounding states and she eventually found us and our Pallmann Magic Oil review on our blog. The only issue – we were 650 miles away! That’s where the “strange request” email came in.

Dan explained their dilemma to me and offered to pay for our travel expenses, accommodation and meals if we would be willing to travel all that way to sand and refinish their hardwood floors for them with Pallmann Magic Oil.

He was right, it was one of the stranger requests we’d gotten!

I thought about it for a while and decided why not… it seemed like a fun adventure. I asked the guys if any of them would be interested in a hardwood floor refinishing road trip and when Slawomir agreed to go with me we made a decision – New York State here we come! After making sure we had every possible piece of equipment and all supplies needed (it would be a long trip back to the shop!), we headed out at 5am Tuesday morning.

There was some pretty nice scenery on the way…

Road trip

Here we are 11 hours and 2 rest stops later at our client’s home in Lansing, NY right on the shore of Cayuga Lake. It’s a very pretty area…

Tadas Wood Flooring in New York

The next day we started on the floors. Dan had done a great job installing 3¼ red oak floors with the help of his neighbors. Now they were ready for sanding and refinishing.

Because there was a lot of dust from the floor installation and other renovations in the house already, it was decided on not to bother with the extra effort of using the dustless equipment.

Floor Sanding New York

After the initial cuts with the belt sander, we did the final finish sand with the TRIO…

TRIO New York

This was going to be a natural floor – no stain – so we were ready that afternoon to apply the first coat of Pallmann Magic Oil…

Pallmann Magic Oil New York

Below is the homeowner and floor installer extraordinaire, Dan. This is the following morning after the first coat was dry. You can see the amazing lake view through the windows behind us. They live in a pretty special place…

With Client in New York

For the rest of the morning we got the floor ready for the final coat of Magic Oil and then buffed it on and waited for it to dry. As you can see below, it turned out great…

Pallmann Magic Oil NY State

Pallmann Magic Oil really does have a nice rich velvety look and feel to it. Here’s another shot from a different angle…

New York Hardwax Oil

After making sure the floor was good to go, we gave Dan full instructions on how to look after and maintain his new hardwax oiled floor and headed back on the long journey home to Naperville. We arrived home that night (Thursday) at 10:30pm.

All in all it was a great trip and a fun project.

We met some wonderful people during these few days, including Dan and his wife and many of their friendly neighbors. Many local contractors interested in green building products popped by for a chat too. We even got to meet a fellow flooring contractor at 6:30am in Panera bread while we were having breakfast. He saw our interstate truck parked outside and came up to us and we talked a little about natural low VOC finishes.

It’s great to see that more and more people and contractors are taking an interest in these environmentally friendlier products. We hope that trend continues. Dan, if you’re reading this it was very nice getting to know you and have a part in your project. Good luck with the rest of the renovations!

Now we just need someone to request us to come down to work on a project in Florida during our cold Chicago winter months… hint, hint 🙂

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I was just thinking I should ask them to come to Tampa to apply the finish on my newly installed cypress floors! Have you used Pallman Magic or Rubio on Cypress?

Hi Amie,

That would be tempting but not feasible right now :)

To answer your question, no we haven’t used either hard wax oil on Cypress yet. Would be interesting to see the results though.


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