OUR GUARANTEE ... what we promise

One of the most difficult things about having your hardwood floors refinished is choosing WHO to work with amongst all the Naperville hardwood floor refinishing businesses offering their services.

What makes your choice even harder is that hardwood floor restoration work isn’t something you can just look over, compare with another product, model or offer and then choose the best quality between the two. It’s not like shopping for a pair of shoes or a car.

With floor restorations, you can’t see the final outcome of someones work until they’re completely finished. Which... may turn out great... or may be far from what you envisioned.

That puts you at a bit of a disadvantage.

So how can you be assured of top quality work?

Not only great work, but also great service and keep yourself protected in case something goes south?

Most businesses will promise you the world to get you to hire them but then leave you holding all the risk, hoping you’ve made the right choice.

In this trade there can be significant risk. Risk of sub-par work, damage to your property and home, a huge mess being left behind, fire damage if low quality flammable finishes are used, risks from spontanious combustion if the old sawdust/finish isn’t disposed of properly, liability and workers compensation risks, the risk of price increases after work has commenced... the list goes on.

We strongly feel that a professional business should never place all that risk on a client.

You’re supposedly hiring professionals after all right?

We thought long and hard about how we could do this. We wanted it to be simple for the both of us, yet give you the confidence that if something happened to go sideways, you would be assured that we would take care of you with no hassles.

We also wanted to give you the assurance that not only would we provide top-notch work, we would also conduct ourselves professionally at all times and that we’re committed to looking after your potential risk and property like we would our own homes.

Below is our 8 Point Guarantee we hold ourselves accountable to...


Our Guarantee assures you’ll receive top quality workmanship, care and service. We outline 8 important points that we promise to exceed your expectations with...

  1. Promptness and cleanliness of the crew. If we make a mess, we’ll clean it up.
  2. Care and respect will be shown towards your home. No muddy shoes inside, no smoking, no loud music, no looking through drawers (yes we’ve heard it happens.)
  3. Upfront with pricing – we won’t change the price on you down the road after our work has started.
  4. Alarm codes and keys used for the duration of the project will be kept safe, secure and strictly confidential.
  5. Insurance and IWCC premiums will always be fully up-to-date. If something goes sideways onsite, we’ll be fully covered.
  6. Industry standards – all ‘National Wood Flooring Association’ (NWFA) standards will be met and exceeded
  7. Our 101% Dustless System must truly meet up to your satisfaction or we’ll come back to make sure it does.
  8. You must be fully satisfied with the final outcome of the work prior to final payment..

We feel this is the least we can do for you when you put your trust in us to look after your investment in your floors. We urge you to look for a similar commitment from other businesses offering you their services as well.