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SANDING & REFINISHING ... old to new!

Naperville and the surrounding areas are pretty fortunate to have a lot of houses that had hardwood floors originally installed many decades ago. If you have one of these older floors that needs some sprucing up then our hardwood floor sanding and refinishing service will be perfect for you.

Naperville Sanding and Refinishing Project
Finished Sanding and Refinishing Project in Naperville

Our specialty is restoring these tired, run down and worn out floors back to the gorgeous floors they once were... and in pretty much every case, to even better condition than they were originally.

Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is what we do best. Whether your floors have just been installed last week or if they’re 100 years old, we’ll be able to transform them into exactly what you envision. We will be more than happy to take a look at your floors for you and see what we can do for them to make them look amazing again.

The Refinishing Process...

There is a lot involved in restoring a hardwood floor. Below is a brief outline of the 6 major steps involved in the hardwood floor sanding and refinishing process…

STEP 1 Preparing the
rooms, floors
and equipment

First things first is preparing the rooms and floor to be ready for sanding. We seal off all rooms, set up our dustless equipment , sweep and vacuum, set protruding nails and take care of any repairs needed.

Hanging Plastic Dust Barrier

STEP 2 Remove
the existing

We now start removing the existing finish and take the floor back to bare wood. This involves a number of passes with different grits of sandpaper and various sanding machines, including a big belt sander, edger sanders and hand scrapers.

Removing existing finish from hardwood floor

STEP 3 Start the
fine detailed

Next, we start the fine sanding stage. We use a special planetary sander called a TRIO . The sandpaper used in Step 2 is rough so a finer sandpaper sequence is needed to remove those scratches and completely smooth the floor out.

TRIO Planetary sander being used

STEP 4 Lots and
lots of thorough

By this time the floor has been vacuumed multiple times, but at this stage of the process it is very important to remove any debris from the floor so it doesn’t contaminate the next steps. If you invest in our 101% Dustless Sanding option , then this isn’t as big an issue.

Vacuuming Hardwood Floor

STEP 5 Staining
the floor

Have you decided to change the color of your floor? In this multi-part step we will water pop your floor and carefully prepare it to be stained. You can read here about our optional staining procedure .

Staining hardwood floor

STEP 6 Applying
the finish

Your floors are now ready to be coated. Depending on which one of the finish systems you choose, this process will involve either 1 or 3 coats. In between each coat of our multiple coat systems, the floor is abraded and then thoroughly vacuumed and tacked. Once dry, your floor is finished!

Applying finish coats on stained wood floor

Other important info

When it comes to your hardwood floors, you only have a limited number of re-sands possible before the tongue and groove (which keeps them locked together) is reached. Once that limit is reached, it’s not possible to sand your floors anymore and they will need to be replaced.

Because of this, you want to be sure the very minimum amount of wood is removed from the surface as possible to give you the results you want. You don’t want someone coming in and grinding a ton of wood from the surface. Yes, the end result may look good, but you would have just removed years and decades of life from your floors.

We have perfected a system that will give you the beautiful looking results you want, while leaving as much life in your floors as possible. This way, if they need to be restored again many years down the road, you have that option.

There are a number of other things you need to know about the refinishing process. Rather than repeat them here again, you can follow the links below to read them in greater detail…

PDFs to download...

Which Finish System Should You Choose For Your Floors?

This is one of the biggest questions we get asked by our customers. We have put together a very detailed PDF guide for you that will answer this question in depth…

pdf Download PDF Article