Project #6:

Orland Park Distressed Random Width French White Oak:

THE CLIENT: Arch Remodeling – Orland Park, Illinois

THE JOB: These floors are beautiful random width french white oak. They were distressed and then stained before being coated. The project was about 400sqft comprising of the kitchen, dining room and living room.

White Oak flooring
Golden Brown
OSMO hardwax oil in Orland Park Illinois
OSMO hardwax oil on white oak floor
Orland Park Il kitchen with OSMO hardwax oil
OSMO hardwax oil on kitchen floor
Project #7:

Logan Square, Chicago Rubio Monocoat Fumed Loft Project:

THE CLIENT: Name asked to be withheld – Logan Square, Illinois

THE JOB: We loved working on this project. old industrial building that had been converted into trendy lofts over a decade ago. The owner was doing a renovation and wanted something different than the traditional finishes for his red oak floors. The first photo below shows what the floor looks like with just the fumed process done. The remaining 3 photos have the Rubio Monocoat oil in Silver Grey color applied. the owner loves it and we think it looks great with the exposed brick feature walls, the rustic timber posts and the cool industrial wood ceiling. You can see a more detailed blog post about this project here .

Red Oak flooring
Fumed + Silver Grey
Rubio Monocoat hardwood floor in Logan Square Illinois
Chicago Fumed and Silver Grey Rubio Monocoat floor
Fumed Rubio Monocoat on Red Oak flooring
Rubio Monocoat Silver Grey color in Chicago Illinois
Project #8:

Naperville Red Oak Rubio Monocoat Black:

THE CLIENT: Name asked to be withheld – Naperville, Illinois

THE JOB: These red oak floors throughout this beautiful home were sanded back to bare wood, water-popped and coated with one of my favorite finishes and colors... Rubio Monocoat Black. They look stunning and are the perfect match to the blue kitchen cabinets.

Red Oak flooring
Red Oak Rubio Monocoat Black
Applying Rubio Monocoat black color
Rubio Monocoat Black kitchen floor in Naperville
Kitchen with Rubio Monocoat hardwax oil
Project #9:

Orland Park, Illinois Custom End Grain Mesquite Floor:

THE CLIENT: Arch Remodeling – Orland Park, Illinois

THE JOB: This unique floor is end grain Mesquite. It was custom milled and installed piece by piece which was a long and tedious process but well worth the time put into it. It is in a underground entertainment/bar room with the floor extending into the private wine cellar

End Grain Mesquite flooring
Natural wood
Mesquite wood floor with OSMO
OSMO hardwax oil on Mesquite floor in Orland Park
Project #10:

Kenilworth Custom Checker Stained Rubio Monocoat Floor:

THE CLIENT: Leslie A. – Kenilworth, Illinois

THE JOB: Leslie is an interior designer and she was in the middle of designing her own home in Kenilworth when she called us in to look at her floors. We installed new red oak in the family room to match up to the other floors in the home. She was looking for something extra special in her kitchen and we were happy to have some fun and help her out. After sanding the floors, we laid out a diagonal checkered pattern on the floor and then used two contrasting colors of Rubio Monocoat hardwax oil to finish the floors. We think they look great... more importantly, so does she!

Red Oak flooring
Smoke and Oyster
Setting up to apply Rubio Monocoat in diamond pattern
Rubio Monocoat Smoke and Oyster colors


I cannot tell you how amazing Tadas and his team are. They were flexible in working with other subs (painters), his selection of finishes are beautiful and most importantly - HIS WORK IS AMAZING! He takes such pride and has a true passion for transforming your floors into whatever "look" you want.

I am an interior designer and I cannot wait to use Tadas again on future projects...I am so lucky that I got to use him in my own home!


Leslie A. | Kenilworth, Illinois
Project #11:

Naperville Red Oak Rubio Monocoat Fumed:

THE CLIENT: Name asked to be withheld – Naperville, Illinois

THE JOB: This project was a red oak floor that we first applied the Fume product from Rubio Monocoat to. Then we used the Rubio Monocoat Oil on top to provide this unique look.

Red Oak flooring
Fumed + 5% White
Fumed and 5% white Rubio Monocoat floor
Applying Rubio Monocoat to red oak flooring in Naperville
Rubio Monocoat fumed and 5% white
Naperville hardwood floor with hardwax oil
Project #12:

Glen Ellyn, Illinois Hand Scrapped French Oak with OSMO:

THE CLIENT: Name asked to be withheld – Glen Ellyn, Illinois

THE JOB: This French Oak floor was custom milled and then hand scrapped and stained off-site. Once we installed it we applied the OSMO hardwax oil finish.

French Oak flooring
Natural wood
OSMO hardwax oil in Glen Ellyn kitchen
French Oak floor with OSMO hardwax oil
Project #13:

Glen Ellyn Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Project:

THE CLIENT: Waterson Family – Glen Ellyn, Illinois

THE JOB: This was a small but fun job. The kitchen had numerous areas that needed to be repaired before we could start sanding and refinishing. We sourced red oak that matched the existing flooring perfectly. Once the repairs were completed we refinished the kitchen, mud room, entry, hallway and a set of stairs. The whole project was about 450sqft.

Red Oak flooring
50% Ebony
Red oak hardwood floor with OSMO Ebony
Kitchen in Glen Ellyn with Ebony OSMO
Project #14:

North Barrington Rubio Monocoat 5% White:

THE CLIENT: Name asked to be withheld – North Barrington, Illinois

THE JOB: This project had old ugly yellow oil modified red oak floors and areas needing repairs. The owners wanted something new, fresh, light and modern. Enter Rubio Monocoat in the 5% White color. It freshened up the house and looks great.

Red Oak flooring
5% smoke
Rubio monocoat 5% Smoke color
Applying Rubio Monocoat 5% Smoke hardwax oil
Naperville Rubio Monocoat Smoke project
Hardwax oil on red oak in Naperville living room


Needing to both repair and refinish our existing wood floors on our first floor, we called Tadas for what was to be a ‘second quote’ having already pretty much decided on who we were going to use. He totally sold us at that meeting with his professionalism along with prices that were very competitive.

The floors have now been in several months. We love them. They feel good underfoot - like you are actually walking on wood rather than finish. Those first scuff marks friends have gotten on their newly done floors don’t occur on these. Tadas’ method of water-popping creates a very even application of stain unlike some of the zebra stripes you sometimes see on mid-tone stained oak floors. We would recommend Tadas strongly to everyone I know. And if we had known how painless this would be, we would have done it sooner.

Name asked to be withheld | North Barrington, Illinois
Project #15:

Winnetka, Illinois Red Oak Rubio Monocoat Pre-Color Brown + 5% White:

THE CLIENT: Name asked to be withheld – Winnetka, Illinois

THE JOB: Love this floor! This red oak floor was water-popped and treated with Rubio Monocoat Pre-Color Brown first, then Rubio Monocoat Oil 5% White was applied over the top. It makes for a very stunning, unique and beautiful hardwood floor.

Red Oak flooring
5% White + pre-color
Winnetka Illinois Rubio Monocoat Brown with 5% White
Rubio Monocoat pre-color and white in kitchen
Rubio Monocoat Pre-Color Brown and 5% White living room
Sanding and refinishing hardwood floor with brown Rubio monocoat
Project #16:

Clarendon Hills, Illinois Rubio Monocoat Finish on Red Oak:

THE CLIENT: Linda Hunter – Clarendon Hills, Illinois

THE JOB: Linda was our first client that wanted to test out the newly available Rubio Monocoat hardwax oil finish. After repairing some areas that had water damage, we sanded down her 1,100 square foot rift cut red oak floors and buffed on the finish. They turned out great and Linda was very happy with the results as you can see in her feedback to us below...

Red Oak flooring
Dark Oak
Rubio Monocoat project in Clarendon Hills, Illinois
Living room with Rubio Monocoat floor
Bedroom with Rubio Monocoat in Clarendon Hills, Il
Hardwax Oil hardwood floor in bedroom
Project #17:

Winnetka Red Oak Rubio Monocoat Black + Black + Black:

THE CLIENT: Name asked to be withheld – Winnetka, Illinois

THE JOB: This was a special project for us. The client wanted a very dark black hardwax oil floor. So we came up with a special mix of Rubio Monocoat products for them. After water-popping the floor and stair treads (which makes it more durable as well as deepens the color), we used Rubio Pre-Color Easy Black as the first layer. Then we applied Rubio Monocoat 2C Charcoal. Lastly we used Black Universal Maintenance Oil to give it an extra layer of darkness. All 3 products together provided exactly the look they were going for. We think it looks incredible.

Red Oak flooring
Black + Black pre-color
Black on Black Rubio Monocoat in kitchen
Hallway with Rubio Monocoat Black + Black color
Black Rubio Monocoat on Pre-Color Black in Winnetka Illinois
Stairs with Rubio Monocoat Black color

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