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STAIR RESTORATIONS ... to match your floor

Nothing will standout more in your home than a beautifully restored staircase. Because they usually link together two levels of hardwood floors, they can really blend your floors together seamlessly if done right and make for a great showpiece.

Stair tread sanding and refinishing in Naperville
Finished red oak curved staircase in Naperville

Often stair treads are quite worn down by the time we get called in to restore them – they really do take a beating and the brunt of the traffic in a home.

Because of all the angles, small pieces and tight corners, refinishing stairs is a very labor intensive procedure. A tremendous amount of hand work with specialty tools is needed. Great care has to be taken when sanding around the stringers, spindles and risers so no damage is done to them. Each tread, post and handrail is carefully restored by many hours of tedious, cautious hand scraping and sanding.

For these reasons the refinishing of a staircase can easily be the most expensive feature in your home to restore in relation to square footage.

Sanding stair handrail
Sanding stair tread
Sanding stair post
Staining stair treads
We restore treads, risers, posts and handrails on a staircase. We can also stain your stairs to match your floor.

We can apply the same stain color and finish on your stairs as your floors so they will blend in perfectly (as long as they are made of the same wood). This ensures a nice seemless transition between your upper and lower floors.

Parts of stairs we do and don’t restore...

Below you can see the solid wood parts we restore on a staircase shown in orange...

Parts of a staircase we restore

If you would like spindles to match the rest of the staircase, we suggest buying new unfinished ones. To sand and refinish existing ones is far too time consuming and therefore expensive.

A note about risers:

As you can see above, we do restore risers, but only if they are solid wood.

If they are a thin veneer it won’t be possible. In these cases we suggest painting them white. Most home design and architectural magazines feature staircases with painted risers, stringers and spindles. It looks clean and modern and provides a nice contrast to the wood treads. It’s also easier to look after in the long term as you can do small paint touch-ups as needed.

While we don’t provide a painting service, we are happy to provide a reference for a painter that specializes in this.

Painted white stair risers
If you don’t have solid wood risers, we can’t sand them... but you can paint them white like the staircase here.

We’ve had the privilege of refinishing large number of staircases in Naperville over the years. The skills and experience we’ve acquired during this time will ensure your own staircase will come out amazing looking as well. Ask us about your stair restoration options when we come out to provide you your quote .

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